Credenza - The Blockchain Enablement Platform For All Sports Fans

Interviewing Sandy Khaund, Founder & CEO @Credenza
Credenza enables brands, sports, luxury goods and entertainment clients to integrate web3 technologies into existing operations to enhance direct-to-fan/consumer relationships and create new revenue streams both online and offline. Credenzaโ€™s vision of web3 and traditional retail unite to enhance customer experience and engagement.
In this conversation, Sandy talks about his journey as an individual working with Fortune 500 companies, investor & now a founder. He also talks about his journey of founding his company Upgraded which was eventually acquired by Ticketmaster/Live Nation in September 2018. He then founded Credenza with a purpose of bringing Web3 tech to sports, entertainment, brands. He then speaks about how blockchain can essentially solve a lot of problems and add value. He then speaks about how NFTs are moving on from a novelty item to becoming a utility item with a lot of use cases. He then moves on to speak about how they at Credenza are making a difference to womenโ€™s sports by creating new monetization and revenue opportunities. He then speaks about the upcoming products at Credenza which could be a gamechanger in sports commercialisation. In the last part he puts on his investor hat once again and speaks about the trends he sees coming up in the future.

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